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Vitamin C for Big C

#‎HighDoseVitaminC‬ has been studied as a treatment for patients with cancer since the 1970s. Some proteins known as enzymes, which have vital biochemical functions, require the vitamin to work properly.

IV ‪#‎VitaminC‬ Infusion Benefits:

Replaces essential Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients and …

Hilot Wellness

“Was able to try the ‪#‎HILOT wellness‬ Massage. Very ‪#‎relaxing‬ and therapist knows where to hit those stress points. Rooms was very relaxing and bed was very ‪#‎hypnotic‬ with stones below the bed. Wonderful experience.”
From our satisfied client: Roselyn …

Reiki Healing

REIKI works to soothe the fire of physical disorders by bringing peace and harmony to the mind and spirit. Even chronic illness can be helped by REIKI because it goes to the very root of the problem. ‪#‎alternativemedicine‬, ‪#‎ReikiHealing‬, ‪#‎akesisholistic …

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