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Detox Program

A detox is not just cleansing. It is a renewal, a reawakening. And we’ve created this, for you to have the second chance that you wish you had.

Coffee Enema Kit

1,000 PHP

Coffee, for many, is a restart. A new start from the day before. Though it may seem strange, coffee enema stimulates the liver naturally. It detoxifies our blood from the parasites and bacteria that contributes to inflammation, improving our blood circulation and preventing bloating too. By reducing toxicity in our blood, it improves your mood, getting you ready to charge after the day ahead.

If you are:

  • Continually exposed to pollution
  • Or just looking for laxative alternatives

Coffee enema may just be what you need.

We do take precautions, if you’re:

  • Dealing with rectal fissures or problems
  • Or dealing with hemorrhoids

Coffee enema might affect you or your condition beyond our control. You can consult your physician for a treatment that best suits you!

Hydrocolonics Therapy

4,500 PHP

Water is purity, clarity, and calmness. It is nature’s gift as a way to cleanse away impurities and contaminants. Often overlooked, the colon is responsible for the absorption of nutrients into our body and the storage of our body’s wastes and toxins. Hydrocolonics therapy cleanses our colon in a safe, gentle, and pain-free way. The modern way of eliminating our body’s impurities.

If you are:

  • Experiencing various digestion problems such as diarrhea, constipation or excessive gas
  • Searching for ways to detoxify your body from harmful waste
  • Wanting to boost your energy, focus and mental clarity
  • Or trying to relieve backache or arthritis

Give hydrocolonics therapy a shot.

We do take precautions, if you’re:

  • Going through pregnancy
  • Experiencing hemorrhoids and other rectal complications
  • Or having history of intestinal difficulty

Hydrocolonics might affect you or your condition beyond our control. You can consult your physician for a treatment that best suits you!

30 days kit (Fiber, Parasite Cleanse, Tea)

4,130 PHP

It is our natural process to purify ourselves anew, forgetting the stresses and burdens that we carry. This Unicity Cleanse is a 30-day detox kit supports our body’s cleansing process, containing all-natural products that cleanses and protects our digestive system. A healthy digestive system lessens toxins released into our bloodstream and decreases our body’s aging.

If you are:

  • Looking for non-toxic ways to detox
  • Experiencing headaches, fatigue, or joint distress
  • Concerned with skin blemishes or bad breath

Start your 30-day journey with us!