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Diagnostic Scans

Our bodies should not be an enigma. So we pursued ways for you to understand your body, helping you know what you really need.

GDV Aura Scan

1,150 PHP

Our fingers connect us. Through touch, we take in a part of our world and share a language that is intimate and universal. Truly, there’s a lot to learn about us with just our fingers. The GDV Aura Scan identifies your energetic field in your fingers, showing your body’s system and related organs. The results give light to your body’s physical systems and emotional body imaging. Warning you of malfunctions before symptoms appear.

We do take precautions, if you’re:

  • Using pacemakers or other implanted devices
  • Or dealing with epilepsy, or other severe nervous system disorders

We’re sorry, we do not want to disrupt your medical treatments.  The GDV Aura Scan might affect you or your condition beyond our control. You can consult your physician for a treatment that best suits you!

Live Blood Analysis

1,150 PHP

More than a fluid within us, the blood is the vehicle of the soul. And, quite literally, is a fuel of our life and strength. The shape and functionality of our blood cells indicate vital information to our health. To put it simply, a live blood analysis is an analysis of your health needs in detail. Gaining this knowledge brings you clarity to your overall wellness, re-adjusting your lens in life.

If you are:

  • Going through high levels of stress
  • Looking to make positive lifestyle changes.
  • Going through diet and exercise changes

Take a look into your body with our live blood analysis!

Quantum Biofeedback SCIO

1,750 PHP

Our body naturally tells us signs of imbalance and foreign elements. The Quantum Biofeedback addresses this. From a virus, to an emotion, a bacteria, or a stressor, they all have frequencies that we can detect. Being so, it gets to know your body and tells you your body’s weak points in order to lead a functional and dynamic life.

If you are:

  • Looking to make positive lifestyle changes
  • Going through high physical and emotional stress
  • Wanting to change negative outlook in life
  • Dealing with insomnia, chronic fatigue, immune and eating disorders
  • Dealing with learning disabilities or ADD
  • Experiencing headaches, migraine, and weight loss

The Quantum Biofeedback SCIO might just help you.

We do take precautions, if you’re:

  • Using pacemakers
  • Dealing with epilepsy, electrical hyper reactivity
  • Going through pregnancy
  • Experiencing over-irritated, inflamed, or broken skin

This treatment might affect you or your condition beyond our control. You can consult your physician for a treatment that best suits you!

Food Intolerance Test

9,900 PHP

Food intolerance is an ambiguous condition in the Philippines. But it’s normal. It’s natural. And it’s more common than you think. Food intolerance is often more subtle in its effects, varying from bloating to chronic fatigue, and to skin problems. The test isolates the antibodies within you and determines the food you have an abnormal reaction to. In doing so, preventing you from making choices that can affect your well-being.

If you are:

  • Looking to change your diet
  • Wanting to see the foods you react to

The food intolerance test is the first step you can take.

Organic Acid Test

25,000 PHP

Our bodies constantly produce energy for our bodies to function properly. The OATS analyzes what other tests fail to consider: the energy that we produce. OATS identifies those and analyzes imbalances that alters our metabolism. The results may be surprising, from missing enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, to present pathogens, toxins or genetic disabilities.Knowing the source of your body’s power, you take control of your life again.

If you are:

  • Looking to improve your energy
  • Dealing with chronic health issues, digestive issues, or neurological disorders
  • Struggling with your weight
  • Looking to improve your athletic performance
  • Or dealing with mood disorders, ADHD, autism, or mental health disorders

Try out OATS for yourself!