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We cannot fully control our environment. It is nature, it is the earth’s instinct. But we can help you to deal with these disparities. For you to achieve full holistic wellness.

Aroma Touch

(coming soon)

Hilot Wellness

500 PHP

Our bodies are prone to imbalance, whether we notice this or not. Different from a normal hilot, Hilot Wellness improves wellbeing by following our body’s natural laws in the treatment. By doing so, our neuroelectrical energy flow into our bodies more naturally and effectively. Creating harmony with our physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

If you are:

  • Trying to get more relaxed
  • Trying to relieve aches and pains in your body
  • Or experiencing stress,

See how our Hilot Wellness can help you

We do take pre-cautions, if you are:

  • Recently received surgery
  • Dealing with burns and sunburns
  • Bearing open sores or wounds
  • Dealing with flare-ups or other inflammatory conditions
  • Dealing with aneurysms

Hilot Wellness might affect you or your condition beyond our control. You can consult your physician for a treatment that best suits you!