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Spiritual Journey Seekers

Your spiritual journey should not be taken alone. A little help along the way can get you closer to achieving the enlightenment you are finding.

Past Life Regression

4,500 PHP

Whether out of curiosity or on a personal quest, the past life is a topic that we have dwelled on, maybe at least once. A hypnotherapy technique, regression lets you connect with your eternal soul. By accessing your past lives, you get to know yourself and your purpose on earth. It’s a transformative journey to growth and healing– making you understand your personal relationships, behavior, anxieties, traumas, and fears; and discover and re-energize your talents.

Anyone can try this really, but if you’re:

  • Experiencing concerning behavior and attitude patterns
  • Going through phobias that may seem unrelated to present life
  • Living with chronic physical ailments, sensations and pains
  • Struggling with persistent dominant attitudes and emotions
  • Or dealing with intense relationships or relationship issues

A journey into your past life may just help you.

We do take precautions, if you’re:

  • Dealing with heart problems, high blood pressure, stroke or ischaemia
  • Elderly People
  • Or pregnant, (with exceptions of extreme physical or emotional need)

Past Life Regression might affect you or your condition beyond our control. You can consult your physician for a treatment that best suits you!